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Album Contents

Demolition kb 001

Lab & Services

Demolition kb 002

Compresser area

Demolition kb 003

Cellar two 4

Demolition kb 007

Co2 Tank

Demolition kb 008

Dry pipes

Demolition kb 009

Old Maltings

Demolition kb 010

Demolition kb 004

Co2 Compressers

Demolition kb 005

boilerhouse yard

Demolition kb 006

carlton street

carlton street 1

carlton street 2

fermentation 1

Cellar two 1

fermentation 2

Cellar two 3

Cellar two 2


Co2 Yard


Brewhouse Gone

bottling hall


Sunsets on brewery

Brewhouse Gone

Lab & Services

I S B Area

Old Chimney

Lab Building



Plumbers Gone

services workshop

Old Maltings

Carpenders Shop



Main Ave

Admin Ramp

H R no frills

Main yard

Album Demolition of Kent

Album is not private